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生于1985年,Popil(糖果猫猫)是来自中国广州的独立,跨媒体插画师。 作为一名艺术家,她拥有从素描和绘画到数字设计,3D绘图等多种技能。结合多种艺术表达的展现技巧,反而成了她最重要的标识。 她的折衷主义风格,包含各种各样的技术,利用鲜艳的色彩来创造醒目的设计和人物,包括她的标志性形象“字母女孩”。今时今日,她的创作已经成为影响他人的源泉,也是中国插画新方向的真正指标。

Born in 1985, Popil is an independent cross-media illustrator from Guangzhou, China. As an artist, she possesses skills that run the gamut from sketching and painting to digital design, 3d mapping and more. Still, through the years she has been used As her foremost discipline. Her eclectic style encompasses a variety of techniques, utilizing vibrant colours to create eye-catching designs and characters including her iconic girl “Letter girls .” Mastery of these techniques has enabled her to rise to a point where her creations have Become a source of influence to others and a true North indicator of China’s new directions in illustration



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I ‘m not just an Artist  /  我不止是一个艺术家

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