Name : 何卓茵

Art Name:Popil / 糖果貓貓

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 Illustrator、Art consultants、Artists、New MediaDirectorsWriter、Curators、Runner、Adventurer



Client list include/曾合作品牌:

Nike, W+K, Lufthansa, Pim Pom, DF robot, Seeestudio, eno, Nivea, Tbwa, Ogilvy, MTV, Swatch, NESCAFE, Fortress, CUP, COACH, XO, Toy2R, Lotto, EVISU, GOELIA, HENNESSY, Jsonwood,, Ctf, Semir, Metersbonwe ……

Multimedia Magazine; “ComputerArts”, “ELLE”, “Esquire”,

“CUP”, “Woman’s day”, “1626”, “My style”, “New vision”, “City Pictorial,” “10000 Science”, “My little thing” …… etc.



2011,From Hong Kong:《賣乜鶉》(Old chinese stuff 01) 、《鶉心動》(Old chinese stuff 02)

2011~2012,From China:《小國貨》(Little old stuff)、《破事兒》、《小時光;甜蜜的舊回憶》

2014,From Taiwan:《印度行李箱》(India suitcase)




其標誌性的“sha sha ”中國新少女風格形象的插畫已經成為全中國里常常見的標誌插畫形象。

其獨立的繪畫風格亦被邀到國際品牌合作,如;NIKE、W+K、Lufthansa、Pim Pom、Toy2R、Lotto、EVISU、DF robot、

Seeestudio、eno、Nivea、Tbwa、Ogilvy、 GOELIA 、MTV、Swatch 、NESCAFE、Fortress、CUP、COACH、XO、

HENNESSY、Jsonwood,、ctf、Semir 、Metersbonwe、以及多媒體雜誌;《ComputerArts》、《 ELLE》、《Esquire》、

《CUP》、《woman’s day 》、《1626》、《my style》、《新視線》、《城市畫報》、《萬家科學》、《my little thing》……等等。


和香港出版社CUP出版個人繪本《賣乜鶉》和《鶉心動》繪本,並在香港發售。 2012年《小國貨》及2013年《小時光:甜蜜的舊回憶》,在中國發售。

她也經常參與國內外大小展覽,如參與由w+k的全球創意總監john jay策劃的在波蘭特的藝術“Jelly-Gen exhibition”。

及遠赴印度,於2011年策劃個人印度插畫及攝影藝術巡迴展覽“India suitcase”,分別在中國6個城市展出。

曾為GOELIA Concept Space繪製出長達2層樓高的大型牆畫。曾在“Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts”school 擔任Lecturer。

糖果貓貓的作品已被推薦在各種書籍和收藏品,其中包括由MadC統籌的《Street Fonts》及《THUNDRBOLT ILLUSTRATION》和《BOX》。

並於2011年入選由香港《透視》選出的“40 under 40” 設計新星。在2012年於香港修讀電影美術指導,以及向新媒體藝術發展。

2013年,建立自己的設計生活品牌“Soyabean”在上海創立AMONG概念設計咖啡店。及為Nike策劃並導演在廣州歌劇院的“Free to fly”

大型發布會,參與及製作新媒體3D Mapping藝術作品。 2014年,與台灣大塊文化出版社合作的個人繪畫集;《印度行李箱》(India suitcase)出版。同年入選並參與由德國漢莎航空的環球藝術插畫項目。



2015年,创立美妆品牌 “颜宀+”,并成为艺术合伙人。

2015年,兼任上海设计周的设计板块策展,策展R.G.F X POPIL  展览。



Born in 1985, Popil is an independent cross-media illustrator from Guangzhou, China. As an artist, she possesses skills that run the gamut from sketching and painting to digital design, 3d mapping and more. Still, through the years she has maintained drawing as her foremost discipline. Her eclectic style encompasses a variety of techniques, utilizing vibrant colours to create eye-catching designs and characters including her iconic girl “Sha sha.” Mastery of these techniques has enabled her to rise to a point where her creations have become a source of influence to others and a true North indicator of China’s new directions in illustration.

Having experience as a fashion designer, brand manager, graphic designer, and animation director she has had a rich and diverse range of practical knowledge. She has been entrusted with major projects from brands including; Nike, Wieden & Kennedy, ,Lufthansa, Pim Pom, Toy2R, Lotto, EVISU, DF robot, Seeedstudio, Eno, Nivea, Tbwa, Ogilvy, Goelia, MTV, Swatch, Nescafe, Fortress, Cup, Coach, XO, Hennessy, Jasonwood, ctf, Semir, Metersbonwe, and more. A topic of interest for years in the multimedia world, she has been featured in publications including; ComputerArts, ELLE, Esquire, CUP, woman’s day,1626, My Style, New Vision, City Pictorial,10000 Science, and My Little Thing……

Recently, she was featured as a guest lecturer for the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Shih Chien University in Taipei. She was named to a shortlist of New Media design stars from Asia in a “40 under 40″ program in 2011 for “Perspective” Magazine in Hong Kong. Shortly thereafter, she remained in Hong Kong to study art film direction. In 2013, Her own conceptual brand, Soyabean, was born, further expanding her reach as a tastemaker in the Chinese art world. Not long after she and a partner founded the trendy and well-received Among Coffee & Design Concept store in Shanghai. In early 2014, She directed Nike “Free to fly” project at the Guangzhou Opera House, the keynote feature being the creation of new media 3d Mapping using her original art. Recently, Lufthansa selected her for the 2014 Universal illustration art project, in which a limited edition home page design was used to represent Mainland China the anniversary of Lufthansa’s service.

In 2014 she was sponsored by Nike to attend the San Francisco Women’s Marathon. She was contracted as a designer of Nike’s limited edition shoes for the 2014 Nike Shanghai Marathon. Early in 2015 she worked as art director for a Sephora project with BBH Advertising. In the summer of 2015 she worked as the curator of the 2015 Shanghai Design Week, organizing and promoting exhibitions throughout the duration of the events.

Popil was named the China representative for the 2015-2016 “100 Days of Polar Magic” trip to Finland, organized by FinnAir and the Finnish Tourism Bureau. While in Finland, she took part in 3 months of physical outdoor challenges and worked with producers on a full-scale media campaign for the trip.